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By submitting this form you agree you consent to your information being stored electronically and used by us for the duration of the convention (your information will not be disclosed to third parties). We will also store your details after the event has ended to contact you again about our future events and further crewing opportunities. If you wish for your details to be removed from our system, please contact

Our full events calendar can be viewed here:

Full information on crewing can be found here:

* Note: You need to be at least 16 years old to be accepted onto crew. We may ask to see photo ID when you arrive at the event, and we reserve the right to deny you entry until acceptable ID is shown (as per our event Terms & Conditions).

All positions are voluntary and there are no paid staff positions available for being on Crew. We will provide you with free entry to the event, food ands drink on the days you crew. Please contact us if you have any questions.

You agree to abide by the crewing agreement set out by Animeleague via email before the event in the form of the Crew Handbook and other training materials.
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Please enter your forename(s) as shown on your ID. You may need to show us ID to get entry to the event.
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So we can contact you on the day and beforehand when needed. We may use this to contact you if we don't hear anything from you via email.
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You need to be at least 16 years old to crew at our events. You may also be asked to show us valid photo ID when you arrive to confirm your identity and date of birth. Your date of birth will only be used to confirm you are old enough to crew and to speed up our signing-in process.
Top Three Team Choices *
Please select the three teams of your choice, list in order or preference. You can choose from Reg, Ops, VG, Stage, Tabletop, Stewarding (London only). You can read a description of each team here:
Information About Future Events *
I agree to be emailed about future event run by Animeleague. I understand that I may opt out of emails at any time.
Hours to Crew *
Each day crewing is 8 hours. Part Time crew does 1 day. Normal Time crew do 2 days. Extra time crew do 2 days plus Setup the day before.
Please state three events you don't want to miss (examples: the cosplay masquerade, a band performance, or a manga workshop). We'll try and schedule your shifts around them if possible. You can discuss this with us later if you're not sure.
Arrival *
Can you arrive by 8AM on Saturday? If not, please state earliest. We do the crew briefing at 8AM. If you can't arrive before 9AM at the latest, then you will be refused entry and unable to crew.
Setup *
Can you help with Setup the day before the event starts?
Sunday Takedown *
Can you help with Sunday takedown until 8PM?
Car *
Do you have a car? Would you be willing to help with deliveries/collections?
Specialist Skills & Experience
This will help us assign your team. Please tick which boxes you have experience with -
Your Job, Training & Interests
Please tell us a bit more about yourself such as what you have done for your employment, any specialist training you've recieved which isn't covered above, or your interests.
Health *
Do you have any disabilities or health conditions we should be aware of? Please include any allergies or disabilities. If you don’t tell us about your health conditions, then we are not liable if you have an issue we are unaware of.  If you have none, then please enter N/A or "none".
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