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- include links to image references
- for characters, please include specific details that you would not want omitted
- avoid providing pose references
- for Live2D models, include any additional toggles you may want (expressions, outfits, hairstyles)
Optional Requests
Additional usage rights and file access are granted for a fee. 
These only apply to illustrations.

Commercial rights and source files are included in the base price of vtuber models.

Final Acknowledgement *
This is your last chance to double check everything.

- Your prompt is final and no further communications to revise it are allowed.
- You agree that you will not use your commissioned work for anything more than personal non-commercial purposes unless you have opted to pay the additional fee.
- You recognize this form is a request and not a guarantee to have your work completed
- I (erodozer) agree to complete the work within 30 days of the first received payment
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Please enter your email address to which a paypal business invoice will be sent upon acceptance of work.

Payments will be allowed in installments, at a minimum of the greater of 100$ USD or 20% per charge
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