From Powered Wheelchairs to Smart Wheelchairs and Driving Simulators in Virtual Reality: A Survey of Professional Practices and Expectations
ADAPT is a European project involving British and French research teams. One goal is to develop a connected smart wheelchair and an electric wheelchair driving simulator in virtual reality.
A Smart Wheelchair is a wheelchair equipped with SMART technology. This might include driving and navigation assistance, wheelchair or patient health/posture monitoring and links to "Cloud services" and the "Internet of Things". These wheelchairs could be autonomous (the user is driven automatically) or semi-autonomous (the user is still in control, but is assisted by the wheelchair).
The goal of a SMART wheelchair is to increase opportunities for independent mobility, particularly for those with challenges which currently restrict or totally prevent their use of a powered wheelchair.

A wheelchair simulator has a seat or the user’s wheelchair on a moving structure. The user drives in a virtual world using real powered chair controls. The virtual world is displayed on large screens or via a headset.
The goal is to help users learn to drive a powered wheelchair and to provide measurable therapy, assessment and rehabilitation.

To be successful the project needs the ongoing input of all stakeholders, including health care professionals involved with user assessment and the prescription of powered wheelchairs.
This questionnaire aims to collect
• the practices of professionals regarding the training and assessment of users for the provision of electric wheelchairs on both sides of the Channel
• the expectations and input of experts in this area concerning the development of smart wheelchairs and a powered wheelchair driving simulator.
The results will guide future developments based on the practices and needs of clinicians.

DATA PROTECTION AND CONFIDENTIALITY: No identifiable personal data will be collected in this questionnaire e.g. name, place of work, contact details. Therefore all data with be anonymous.

ONGOING INVOLVEMENT IN ADAPT: If you wish to be involved in the ongoing development of the ADAPT project you can either input your email address at the end of this questionnaire or use the contact information below to register your interest.
If you do share your email through the questionnaire this information will not be linked to the data in the questionnaire. All Data processing and results will be confidential and anonymous.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 you have the right to correct or remove any personally identifiable information concerning you.
If you wish to exercise this right, please contact You can also, stop the processing of your personally identifiable data.
The return of the questionnaire with any personally identifiable information is not mandatory.

CONTACT: For any questions or for any additional information, you can contact us:
Bastien Fraudet, coordination cellule recherche,, Pôle saint Hélier, 54 rue Saint Hélier, 35000 Rennes or by email:
Thank you for participating.

UK Health Research Authority [HRA] Approval:
This project has received HRA Approval.
IRAS: 237230
REC Reference 18/HRA/0362
CRN Portfolio Registration.
CPMS: 36764.

NHS Organisations:
For addition by the HRA as a participating Site and for capability and capacity issues, please ask your R&D Department to contact

Dr Matthew Pepper
Consultant Clinical Scientist
Medical Physics Department
Kent and Canterbury Hospital
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