2020 Racket School Housing
During Racket School, we have arranged for housing at the University of Utah dorms. Specifically, the dorms will be in Benchmark Plaza in 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom units. A layout rendering is available at the following URL:


Attendees are welcome to arrive the day before the school and leave the day after the school.

The cost is $40 per night.

After you fill out this form, send your housing fees to Racket via the instructions on this site:


Then forward the confirmation to Jay McCarthy <jay@racket-lang.org>
Email address *
Are you a registered attendee of Racket School? *
What category of dorm room will you need? *
The rooms are in 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom suites and are categorized in the following ways by the University of Utah.
What is the first night you will stay at the dorm? *
What is the last night you will stay at the dorm? *
Have you submitted the housing fee and forwarded the confirmation to Jay McCarthy? *
It is $40 per night.
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