HIGH & HUNGRY Survival Application
~> Requirements <~
- 2 500 OR + 750
Filled GI!
Full Skilltree
English knowledge!
Be active!
No loot whoring!
No Multiclanning!
Be at least 16 years old!
Whats your Discord name (example SkillerFreak#2080) *
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1. Screenshot of all your chars with the KDR of your Main Char! *
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2. Rate your skill from 1-10! *
3. Please make some screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here! *
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4. How old are you? *
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5. Where are you from? *
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6. Can you speak good English? Tell us a little story about you! *
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7. Why should we accept you? *
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8. How did you hear about High & Hungry?
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9. Do you accept all our rules? (You can see them below) *
Official High and Hungry Clan Rules
1. No Multiclaning!
2. No Loot Whoring!
3. Be Active!
4. Don't be racist (Not Ingame or anywhere else)
5. We will only invite 2 of your Characters to the Ingame Clan!
6. If you play be on TS!
7. If the first Takeover voting is not completely -1 you will get one more week Trial time to show us again how good you are etc.
8. If you are inactive for some pls Tell it to a Leader / Moderator so we know about it! Otherwise, after 1-week inactivity, you will be removed to the status Trial after one more week you will get kicked out of the Clan!
9. Teaming up with random plebs is not allowed anymore! Since everyone is Crying!
10. Killing a Clan Member multiple times can result in a KICK [LAST WARNIG]Since everyone is crying about it!
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