Infosec Job Descriptions Suck
Thank you for helping me out with this. I'm compiling samples of bad security job descriptions and appreciate you submitting the ones you've sesen. What do I mean by bad job descriptions, well here are some examples of things we see a lot in bad job descriptions:

* Entry-level roles requiring significant levels of experience (3-5 years)
* Unrealistic/impossible technology experience requirements (10 years of Kubernetes experience)
* Improbable/impossible certification requirements (Internship requiring a CISSP)
* Illegal conditions (asking for a specific gender, excluding specific racial profiles - yes, I've seen them out there)
* Requiring applicants to share confidential information or intellectual property from previous employers

If you have seen an example of this, please share a link in the form below. If for some reason you can't or are unwilling to share a link, please at least copy and paste the job description into the long answer section below. If you don't mind doing both, that's even better still.
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