wellness support | sudan uprising
this database aims to identify and connect: 1) sudanese people feeling destabilized or experiencing secondary trauma / secondhand ptsd from witnessing the atrocities being committed in sudan and who may be lacking access to wellness support; lack of access may be due to financial resources, location, or unawareness of options available. 2) wellness practitioners of various stripes who are able to donate their services to our sudanese kin; the nature and amount of donated services is per each individual practitioner's discretion and capacity. // <3 seher
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the database is now public for client browsing | july 3, 2019
bit.ly/sudanhealingdatabase -- please share far and wide with the sudanese community
contact: @sudanhealing
please email shadin awad (sudanhealing@gmail.com) with any inquiries
additional practitioner donations welcome | july 3, 2019
for the time being, the database will be updated periodically with new donations. this database only lists donations, not discounted services.
data privacy | july 3, 2019
practitioners: please note that any information you share on this form is liable to be made public
partnership with @sudanhealing | july 3, 2019
instagram.com/sudanhealing is *not me*, but a sudanese-led mental health initiative currently in development; to help reach the sudanese community, the database is now part of @sudanhealing's host of offerings. ultimately, donated sessions may also be availed by people in sudan (via virtual sessions).
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