Seaweed Processing Survey : European Atlantic Coastline
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1.Please select the seaweed production steps your company is directly involved with :
2.Which algae species do you handle most and in which appropriate proportion (percentage of total harvested weight) during one year of activity? 
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1-10 %
Atlantic wakame / Winged kelp - Alaria esculenta
Rock weed / Knotted wrack - Ascophyllum nodosum
Irish moss - Chondrus crispus
Bladderwrack - Fucus vesiculosus
Slender wart weed - Gracilaria sp.
Sea spaghetti - Himanthalia elongata
Oarweed - Laminaria digitata
Dulse - Palmaria palmata
Nori / Purple laver/ Laverbread - Porphyra sp.
Royal Kombu / Sugar kelp - Saccharina latissima
Sea lettuce - Ulva sp.
- laminaria hyperborea
- Fucus sp.
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3.When do you harvest seaweed during the year ? 
4.What is the total amount of seaweed per harvest (wet) ?
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5.What sequence of post-harvest treatments do you perform ?
1st step
2nd step
3rd step
4th step
5th step
6.What technical difficulties do you encounter while processing the seaweed ? 
7.Are there any major differences in the processing steps depending on the seaweed species you’re working with?
8.What type of container do you use to store the seaweed ?  What is the capacity of your container ?
9.What drying method do you use for your seaweed ?
10.What portion of your harvest do you dry ? 
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11. Regarding your current drying equipment, what  elements should be improved?
12.What fraction of your production cost does drying represent ? 
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13.How much does it cost to dry one ton of wet seaweed ? 
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14.How do you load the seaweed in the dryer ?
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15.On which support are the algae kept in the dryer? What are the dimensions of that support ? 
16.Evaluate the following dryer features from the very important (5) to non-essential (1)
Quality of the end product
Buying Price
Sustainability & Carbon Impact
Biomass capacity (kg_seaweed/batch)
Handling (loading/unloading)
Energy Consumption
Parameter monitoring and control (RH%, temp °C, etc.)
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17.How much kg of seaweed (wet) does your drying equipment enables you to dry per batch ? 
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18.How long does it take to dry a single seaweed batch using your current equipment ? 
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19. What is the final moisture content you’re aiming for ? 
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20.How much energy (kWh) does it take to dry one batch ?
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