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Our Spirit Sharing is a judgement free sharing of your talents.

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Please note - Spirit Sharing Rules have Changed
While in the past - we have accepted certain standards, some are no longer being accepted.

- We will no longer accept improv of any kind - you may do skits - but we will need to see a script in advance.

-All acts will need to be pre-planned.

-Any acts that have inappropriate content will have the microphone cut to the sound system before beginning.

-By signing electronically here - you agree to these new guidelines.

By participating in Spirit Sharing, I am agreeing to the following guidelines:
1. Acts must be appropriate to YOU atmosphere -- acts need to support the rally theme and trust agreements
2. Acts must show support for all people… Our acts will reflect our love and support of each other and the consciousness of ONENESS. Please examine your talent and/ or music compatibility with our retreat atmosphere of love and spiritual harmony. This means appropriate… With no put-downs to any group, sex, or individual, even in the name of "humor"
3. Only one solo act per person, but you may participate in one group act in addition to your solo act
5. No lip-synchronization; tapes/ CDs may be used as background to accompany own voice or for organized dance
6. No acts longer than 5 minutes (including introductory remarks) Unless preapproval is requested and agreed to
7. Repeat acts (from previous years) will be given lower priority than new acts
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You can do one solo act and one group act.
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