UKBIMA KnowledgeBank Existing Information
Thank you for taking the time to contribute information about a Project Report or Case Study that you feel is helpful to other collaborators implementing BIM Level 2.

UKBIM Alliance KnowledgeBank Work Stream is collecting and collating information on construction projects where BIM has been used to deliver the whole or a part of the Project. This information might be a project that you have written about, been actively involved in or merely read or watched someone else's account.

Its purpose is to draw on the Industry's knowledge of EXISTING, PUBLISHED, or LIVE freely accessible Case Studies.

The survey will ask you to identify one (or more) case study produced by you, someone else in your organisation, or even by another organisation of which you are aware. 

The longer term goal is the development of a Portal to be freely available to inform and guide all participants within the construction industry and wider society 

We are anticipating that the catalogue will: 

(a) help ascertain the willingness of industry practitioners to help identify and compile information on BIM case studies.

(b) begin to identify the breadth of case studies available and, importantly areas where there appear to be gaps.

(c) gather information on OTHER compilations of case studies and the level of detail they contain and therefore how useful such project reports might be to all users.

This should take less than 5 minutes.

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