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Wings Athletic Club is a Singapore-registered non-profit society that was officially founded on 18 April 2000. We organize training programs, competitive events and social activities for youth athletes, with the aim that all youth athletic enthusiasts will find our Club a place to meet, challenge themselves and sharpen one another.

On 1st May 2000, some of our present committee members met for the first time to discuss the formation of Wings. From a humble beginning of rallying enough like-minded enthusiasts to form the Club, we have today more than 50 members actively coaching, training, competing in various competitions and organising club activities such as Cross Country and Track & Field Championships, Training Camps, End-of-Season Celebrations and other social get-togethers

Associate Members:

Upon approval, new members shall be classified as Associate Members. Associate Members shall not have the right to vote and to hold office in the Club.

Ordinary Members:

Ordinary Membership is open to Associate Members who share the same vision and objects of the Club; have a minimum 75% participation in all the Club's activities per year; and assist in organising at least 2 major Club events per year.

Office Bearers:

Only Ordinary Members who are above 18 years of age shall have the right to vote and to hold office in the Club.


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Phone - 81655641

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Terms and Conditions
I am fully aware of the possible consequences which may arise from my participation in its training programs, competitions and/or activities and do hereby declare for myself, my executors, and administrator assign covenant with the Club, the Management & Organizing Committee & sponsors, and/or its coaches to release them from any claim I may have against them in the event of any injury, fatal or otherwise and losses that I may suffer as a result of my participation.

1) Auto removal from system after more than 2 years of discontinued renewal (From "Annual" to "Inactive" status)

2) NOTE: Under the Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) ruling, a member who resigns from his/her running club will not be allowed to represent another athletics club for a period of one year.

3) The Wings Committee reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the membership of the Athletes at its sole discretion. The Wings Committee is not obliged to provide any basis and/or reasons in undertaking such decisions.

4) Athletes must be training under a coach approved by the Wings Committee.

5) Reasonably assist in club events (Eg. Annual Wings Cross Country Championship) as and when required.

6) Athletes will compulsory reimburse competition fees if he/she fails to turn up for competition and 'DNS' for registered event(s) without valid reasons.
Parent's Consent Form (For Under 18 Years Old)

Parent’s consent is needed for applicants who are under 18 years old.

I allow my child/ward to be a member of the Wings Athletic Club and agree to the above-mentioned Declaration.
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