CS 451 Quiz 13
Advice for Applying Machine Learning, Precision vs. Recall
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The large data rationale states that a low-bias algorithm, given a very large training set, will have *
Precision is *
Classification accuracy is NOT a good evaluation metric *
A good way to combine precision P and recall R into a singe number is *
If we use a higher threshold t for h_theta(x) >= t for a positive classification (y=1), we get *
Which of the following was NOT mentioned as a possible option to improve a spam classifier? *
"It's not who has the best algorithm that wins. It's who has the most... *
Since there are often many possible ideas for how to develop a high accuracy learning system, one should use "gut feeling" to select the most promising ideas first. *
Recall is *
Which of the following is NOT part of the recommended approach to solving machine learning problems? *
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