2019 HS Video Game Design submission form - NATIONAL CONFERENCE ENTRIES ONLY

Video game design demands the use of complex intellectual, artistic, and technical skills. Once learned,
these skills may be applied in many other high technology occupations within the sciences, technology,
and the arts.

Participants develop a video game that focuses on the subject of their choice. The game must be interesting,
exciting, visually appealing, and intellectually challenging. The game must have high artistic, educational, and social

The game and all required documentation must be submitted — and will be evaluated — online, pre-
conference. Semifinalist teams (list posted at the conference) participate in an onsite interview to
demonstrate the knowledge and expertise they gained during the development of the game.
The theme of the current year’s game will be posted on the national TSA website under Competition Themes/

Three (3) teams per state may participat

1. All components of the chapter’s entry, including the website address (URL) for the entry, must be
finished, submitted, and accessible via the Internet by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on May 15th.
2. Entries received, or changes made to submitted entries after this deadline will not be judged.
3. Email verification of each team’s entry will be made by June 10th.
4. The game submitted for evaluation must be greater than three (3) minutes in length of play and
must be interactive.
5. A deduction of five (5) points total will be incurred for a game that completes under the three
(3)-minute time minimum.
6. The timing of the game segment starts with the first image or sound presented.

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