Commissions (personal use only)
Attention: The following options are for private clients and personal, non-commercial use only. Clients who seek illustrations for commercial purposes (e. g. book illustrations, website designs, mascots, etc.) may contact me by e-mail ( for an individual proposal.

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How I handle commissions:
After I have received your inquiry, I check it and contact you as fast as I can with a specific quotation. Please understand that this may take a couple of days depending on the order situation. I reserve the right to decline a commission request without giving reasons.

When we have come to an agreement, I will send you an invoice. After I have received half of the payment, I will do a rough digital sketch and send it to you in low resolution. You may ask for changes once; and I will correct that changed element one more time, if necessary. Further changes will require additional € 10,00 per change.
After you have approved the sketch, I will send you the rough colour scheme (even if you have ordered a traditional illustration, this part will be done digitally). At this point, you may demand a change of colour within the basic colour scheme once. I will not change the colours afterwards.

After I have received the second half of the payment, I will finish the illustration. The finished commission will be send you by e-mail as a JPG or PNG file (in case of transparent spaces). Please understand that I do not offer traditionally drawn commissions for countries outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland at this point.

Right of use: My illustrations must not be altered. You may use the picture on your social media profiles or share it on your websites, if you link back to my website I may decide to post your commission and work-in-progress pictures of it (image and video format) on my social media channels and my website. If I do, the commission will be tagged as a commissions, and you will be mentioned as the client under the name or alias provided by you (of course, it's also possible to remain anonymous). Due to organizational reasons, links to a clients account can only be provided within instagram.

If a commission is supposed to be a present, please let me know, when it is save to publish it - I will wait until , of course.
Payment: I accept PayPal transfers only. You will receive an invoice, as soon as you have accepted my quotation. Half of the payment is due as soon as you have received the invoice, half of it after you have approved the basic colour scheme.

If you have any further questions, please contact me by e-mail at

digital illustrations:
chibi style character, full-body, coloured, no background, 72 ppi – € 80,00
portrait, 1500x1500px (PNG oder JPG), simple background (pattern, colour gradient, single prop), 72 ppi – € 70,00
full-body character, 2000x3500px (PNG oder JPG), no background, 72 ppi – € 130,00
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