Dodgeball Ontario Individual Membership Application 2020
2020 Individual Membership in Dodgeball Ontario

Show your commitment to the growth of the sport by becoming a member of Dodgeball Ontario (DO) at one of the following 2 levels. The description of each level should help you decide which one is best for you.

You who live and breathe dodgeball.
You play more than once a week on average and are always seeking out tournaments and playing whenever possible.
You consistently show talent and attitude befitting a potential Provincial and/or National Squad member.
You are respected by your fellow players and are considered a role model.
You are constantly looking for ways to improve your skills on the court and regular workout routines are primarily to improve your dodgeball abilities.
Mandatory in order to participate in the annual Provincial and National Dodgeball Championships.
Includes Dodgeball Canada membership and Insurance

DO Annual Fee: $25
Sport Dev: $13
Insurance Fee (for Provincials and Nationals): $2
TOTAL: $40 annually

Dodgeball is a strong interest for you although it does not take up a significant part of your free time.
You are happy playing in your local league(s) or pick-up night and only occasionally participate in tournaments.
Some recreational players may eventually choose to commit more time to improving their skills with the intent on becoming a High Performance player.
Recreational Membership can be upgraded to a High Performance Membership with a payment of $40.
Includes Dodgeball Canada membership.
DO Annual Fee: $0
Sport Dev: $0


Included in the membership fees are the following:

Dodgeball Ontario (DO) Annual Fee: used to cover operating expenses of the non-for-profit organization.
Sport Development Fee: Funds for provincial and national programs that support the development of players' dodgeball skills. $1 of this amount is contributed to Dodgeball Canada to cover player development programs that are national in scope.
Insurance Fee: allows Dodgeball Ontario to be covered for all the events run by the organization and allows members to make a claim in the event of an injury.

The membership year will be from December 1st to November 30th as this is the dodgeball cycle for when the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) World Championship ends to when the Provincial Championships begin.

To complete your membership application, click on the link below:


Thank you for your support of Dodgeball Ontario! If you have any questions, please contact

Individual & League Membership and their associated fees demonstrate to Provincial and National funding bodies that an organization is credible and worthy of funding support for programs run by that organization. By becoming a member, you are partnering with us to further develop the sport on a provincial, national and global level.
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