A+ Preschool Waiting List
Thank you for your interest in our preschool. We value our preschool families and hope that you will have the opportunity to join us! Let me tell you how our waiting list works:

1. Add your information by completing the form below.

2. When a spot opens up we announce it to our current families first. For example, if a Monday/Wednesday/Friday spot opens one of our students who are currently coming Tuesday/Thursday may choose to switch days or add Monday/Wednesday/Friday to their schedule.

3. Once our families have had the opportunity to fill the spaces we offer them to families on our waiting list.

4. If the time is not right when we offer you the space you may choose to remain on our waiting list and we will come back around to you when another spot opens.

**For this reason we recommend parents to add their child to the waiting list before the age of three.

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