Beta Tester Application
Apply to be a Beta Tester with us and play all sorts of games before they come out! You'll have behind-the-scenes access to a wide array of titles on a wide array of platforms, sneak-peeks of unannounced content, hear from the devs, etc. In addition, you'll earn some great perks along the way, such as free Steam keys, bragging rights, treats, and more!

*There are no right or wrong answers. This information simply tells us how we can best incorporate your help, so please only provide us accurate information (not what you think we wanna hear).

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Not being a Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, or writer for a gaming publication does NOT negatively impact your ability to become a Beta Tester.
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We work with indie devs all over the world. Testers in nearby timezones can be helpful!
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