Hatch FFA Bursary Opportunity
It has come to our attention that some female founders are really stretched to make ends meet, whilst growing their business. We want to ensure fair and open access for everyone, especially for those who are keen to come onto the programme but are not able to pay for the full price.

To achieve this, we are offering financial support to low-income* female founders in the form of either a full (80%) or a partial bursary (50%). We are offering these bursaries only to those that fall within the criteria**. All information provided here is confidential and we would not ask anyone to declare whether they have received a partial/ full bursary.

* Standard Government measure of the After Housing Cost “poverty line” which is 60% of median income. **Please note that we do require you to provide evidence that you meet this criteria via payslips, housing/employment benefits, disability benefits etc.

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You are eligible for a full bursary if your personal income falls under the following: *
If you don’t qualify for 80% bursary (£360) but are still having difficulty paying for the programme we can offer a 50% bursary (£900 off), split across 2 equal payments of £450 for the 4-month FFA programme. *
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