East Charlotte Village Development Survey
Answer what you can. Leave your name if you'd like. Anonymous is fine, too.

These are the same questions asked in the 2009 town-sponsored workshops that can be found here:


I'm curious if the answers are the same/similar/different. Fill out the form before Friday's public hearing at the Selectboard... or just come to the hearing and use the questions as discussion points.

Do you live in East Charlotte?
Clear selection
What does the East Charlotte Village have that you like? What does the village lack?
How does the East Charlotte village function today? Consider Spear Street and Hinesburg Road safety, aesthetics, and functional attributes, and walking and biking options.
What does the Village need in terms of future land uses and in what form and type? Discuss potential commercial uses, residential uses, agricultural uses, cultural/community uses.
What should the village look like in the future? Where to develop; where not to develop (in a general sense – landowner’s of particular parcels have the right to develop or conserve in accordance with current zoning, their own interests and future plans); how much to develop?
Where should roads, trails, walks, etc. be sited? Share your personal experiences or concerns.
Where should new development go (in a general sense)? How densely developed should it be?
Where should transportation and circulation improvements occur? Identify improvements to Spear Street and Hinesburg Rd; and identify future roads and walking/biking network. Locate or highlight important views and/or scenic, cultural, historic, natural resources.
Anything you'd like to add?
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