Safety and Compliance Checklist
After you take this Self-Safety Audit a representative will be in contact with you about your results and how to move forward.
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Is there a current safety manual in place?
Was your manual revised in the last year?
Do you address Bloodborne Pathogens in your manual?
Does your manual contain a HAZCOM Policy?
Hazard Communication Section
Have you ever created a document identifying the safety hazards in your company?
Are your SDS sheets up to date?
Do you have three years of OSHA 300 logs on file and have you posted them online?
Do you have your mandatory OSHA posters up to date?
Do you conduct regular training for your employees?
Do you train your employees yearly on Hazard Communication and Bloodborne Pathogens?
Do you have a record (sign in sheet) that your employees attended the training?
Have you inspected your employees on the jobsite?
Do you have documentation that you have inspected your employees?
Have you had any accidents within the last 3 years?
Are your storage areas clean and orderly?
Do you have an accountability program in place for your employees?
An accountability program contains the measures taken if company rules and regulations are not followed.
Do you have a form of New Hire training in place?
What is your current E-mod? (If known)
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Current number employees:
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