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Session II Spring 2018

At OCC we are committed to building passionate believers who can face the challenges of real life with Godly confidence and conviction. Our goal is to provide a broad selection of dynamic classes designed to strengthen your faith, ignite spiritual growth, and establish transformation.

    Me? Prophesy?

    Begins April 10 | Tuesdays | Room 211 | 4 Weeks | 7:00 pm | $5 Yes! You don’t have to be a "prophet" to hear God or prophesy His words. Find practical instruction and learn the Biblical guidelines as you discover how to pursue the prophetic gift. Communicated properly, prophecy helps to equip and prepare, as well as encourage and reach those outside the church walls.

    From the Inside to the Outside

    Begins April 9 | Mondays | Off site | 6 Weeks | 7:00 pm (option #1) Begins April 13 | Fridays | Off site | 6 Weeks | 12:30 pm (option #2) Move past your own hindrances to victory! God has provided a way to overcome every obstacle and bring insight into walking in agreement with the Holy Spirit. Gain a clearer picture of yourself and a new depth of understanding of your spiritual gifts as you progress in your personal journey.

    OCC U

    Begins April 24 (follows Membership) | Tuesdays | Fellowship Hall | 6 Weeks | 7:00pm | $25 (no cost for members) Designed for U! Take the next step at OCC. What’s the vision and mission of OCC? Where do U fit? How do U activate your purpose? What does leadership at OCC look like? Enjoy the host of speakers, pastors and leaders, and delve into what’s been called the “best class ever!”

    Walking In Freedom

    Begins April 10 | Tuesdays | Creekside | 12 Weeks | 7:00 pm | $15 This series brings a vital understanding for all Christians – how to get free of demonic oppression and/or bondage and walk in authority and confidence! Foundational scriptural concepts will be made practical, and students will receive specific ministry. You will gain understanding, freedom, and healing, along with the empowerment to consistently maintain them. (Students bring notebook and pen. The first five sessions are critical and required in order to attend the ministry sessions.)

    Prepare & Enrich Engagement – Counseling

    Tuesdays | Room 212 | 10 Weeks | 7:00 pm | $155/couple Getting married? Build your marriage on the solid Rock! This course will equip engaged couples with the principles and skills to do just that! You will: · Identify strength and growth areas · Explore personality traits · Strengthen communication skills · Resolve conflicts and reduce stress · Compare family backgrounds · Comfortably discuss financial issues · Establish personal, couple, and family goals Call 253-886-5700 to schedule engagement counseling.
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