The Fashion Loft 2021 Summer Event - Designers' Application
Hello! The Fashion Loft is hosting a grid-wide, in-store summer sales & hunt event.

We would love for you to participate in this event as we gear up for the warmer months.

If you choose to participate, we are asking for an exclusive item for 99L, and a hunt item (exclusive or recolor) for 1L. You can choose to do both items, or one or the other.

* Event Theme *

The theme for this event will be "Resorts and Vacations".

Here is our inspiration board for this event:

* Event Dates *

Start Date: Saturday, June 5, 2021 @ 3 PM SLT
End Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2021 @ 11:59 PM SLT

* Event Fees *

General event fee: L$300

Featured event sponsors: L$750

Sponsors will have priority placement on our event HUD, as well as have a spotlight feature that will be promoted on our website and social media.

Please do not send in any money until you have been notified of your acceptance.

For this event, we will have a fashion show to further showcase featured items. If you would like to participate, please indicate this in the application.

* Event Schedule *

- Notification of acceptance: Within 72 hours (it may take a bit longer if it is over the weekend)

You will also be sent a group invite, so please make sure you are able to accept.

- Go to the office location indicated in your acceptance notification, and pay for your desired information package (General or Sponsor).

It will be up to you to obtain the package after you have been accepted. We will not be responsible for any miscommunication due to you not obtaining the information package.

Acceptance packages and other important information will be sent via CasperVend and/or group notices. This is so it will be easy to obtain vital information without having to wait for a staff member to be online.

- Place event sign set out in store as soon as you get the acceptance package. This lets us know you have received the package and understood all of the instructions.

- Deadline for Hunt and Sales vendor photos for Event: June 1 @ 11:59 PM SLT

- Deadline to have hunt items and sales vendors out in the store: June 4th @ 12 PM SLT

We will make rounds after 12 PM SLT on June 4th to ensure everything is out and ready to go.

If you have any questions, please contact TFL Management (thefashionloft).

Thank you, and enjoy!

TFL Management
Store Name *
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This will be the primary contact for the event, unless otherwise indicated
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Will you have a hunt item, sales item, or both items? *
Are you interested in becoming an event sponsor? *
Sponsor fees are $750. Limited spots available.
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What item(s) will you be creating for this event? *
This will help keep our event balanced, and enable us to recruit the right kind of bloggers.
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