Blind Character Design Commission
No, this doesn't mean the character is physically blind (unless that's the type of character you want).  A blind character design just means a character design where most of the details are left up to me.  It's a bit of a gamble, but if you are familiar with the kinds of characters I design, then you will have an an idea of what the end results may look like.  And since it's almost fully based on my vision, the price is lower!

If you want a character design where you control more about the character than what this form allows, you will need a full character design commission.

Once the form is filled out and everything looks good, I will get in contact you through the provided email with a final quote.  If you agree to the price, I will send an invoice.  Once it is paid for, I will start working!
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If you have a non-binary character idea, you can add it to the keywords for free.  Keep in mind that I don't draw obvious herms.  Transgender characters are fine, though.
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