Bay Area Golf Tour  2
Welcome to the Bay Area Golf Tour Registration Form - An exciting new golf tour with a series of tournaments featuring three premier events across the Bay Area. 

Bay Area Golf Tour League Season 2

Parts of the Bay: South Bay, Peninsula & North Bay

$95 entry fee

3 Guaranteed Events

Event 1 (September 16): 9-hole individual - Inaugural Tournament Sunken Gardens. (Handicap) 

Event 2 (October 7): Autumn Bay Classic Team-Format Event

Event 3 (October 28): Four-Man Scramble/Ryder Cup (Choose)

  • There will be team captains based on your rankings and will have the chance to choose their team. Or based on people's vote on who should be captain. 

  • There will be a YouTube Live where the captains will choose.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to President Jeff Rojas (
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Full Payment: You will pay $95, giving you access to all tournaments, sponsors, benefits and perks each league player has. When an application has been submitted, you pay the full S95 payment. (Tee times are not included in the price)

Two options to make payments:

If you refer a person to join you get $5 off your league fees. (You can only get two referral bonuses)

Contact president or a board members for details.

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