NextBillion Employer Sign-up: Hiring Requirements connects inclusive employers to talent with disabilities. We partner with employers who value diversity & inclusion, and are actively looking to hire talent from US and/or Canada.

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Why should I hire people with disabilities on my team?
People with disabilities have a higher retention rate, increase average company performance & are more likely to have innovative ideas due to enhanced problem-solving skills.
Will it be expensive to include people with disabilities in my team?
No. On average, 60% of accommodations cost nothing & the rest are usually <$500 per employee with disability.
Do I need special hiring processes for this?

As long as you're willing to ask a candidate, "Are there any accommodations we can provide to make the interviewing process comfortable for you?" and listen genuinely, then you're all set. 20% of your current employees are likely people with visible or invisible disabilities — so you may have already successfully done this before! NextBillion will also be available to answer any questions/concerns when you're interviewing any of our candidates.

What kind of talent do you have?
• 75% of our community is in software engineering; with others in data, design, product & research.
• 55% of our community identifies as women in tech.
• We have a mix of students, recent graduates (Bachelors, Masters & PhDs) as well as industry professionals
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