Library of Things We Can Learn from Each Other: Submission
Thank you for participating in our community library! Please answer a few simple questions to submit your skill, knowledge or insight into the public collection. Your entry will be transcribed onto a physical card and displayed in our Community Project Space for the public to view. If there is a request to check out your submission, you will be contacted by the curatorial staff to coordinate the loan.

It is entirely up to the lender and borrower how they would like their exchange to take place. We are offering our Community Project Space as a safe space to meet up anytime during public hours. You could also connect online if that's preferred.

Everyone has something unique others can learn from. It could be something small or big, silly or serious, or all those things - it's totally up to you! As long as your entry isn't hateful or harmful, it will be accepted into the library as a community asset.

Please note that you can withdraw your entry at any time during the project by emailing or calling 416-201-7093.
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Please tell us a bit about your availability to share this knowledge with others. When do you typically have free time? Would you prefer to meet in person or exchange online. Give some specifications about time, space and modality to help make the coordination process easier. *
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