Reading test on reservation 1
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Read this text carefully, then answer the questions!
Customer: Hello, is this Greeny restaurant?
Receptionist: Yes. This is Greeny restaurant. What would you like me to help you?
Customer: I’d like to book a place for 20 persons in your restaurant. Is that kind of place available in your restaurant?
Receptionist: Yes, we have two rooms for a meeting and one room for a party. When will you use it?
Customer: Next two weeks, on February 15. What room facilities are available?
Receptionist: We have a set of computer, LCD, tape recorder, screens, whiteboards, several power sockets, and Wi-Fi.
Customer: Wow, perfect. Is the room air conditioned?
Receptionist: Sure.
Customer: We will begin the meeting at 8.00. Could we check all the facilities at about 6.30?
Receptionist: Surely you can. We will prepare everything in the afternoon before the day. Then, how do you need us to arrange the chairs and tables?
Customer: A U-shape style.
Receptionist: Ok. How about the arrangement for the meal?
Customer: In a Banquet style I guess. Will you have it inside the room?
Receptionist: No, we will have it outside, at the restaurant.
Customer: That’s excellent.
Receptionist: What time will you have the meal?
Customer: I think it should be around 13.00, but we will have a tea time at about 10.00. Is that ok?
Receptionist: It’s our duty to fulfil your need. Should we send you the list of the food and beverages for the lunch?
Customer: Ah … yes, surely. Thanks. I almost forgot it. We learn about it and will tell you as soon as possible.
Receptionist: Take your time, Sir. Are there more things we should prepare?
Customer: Hmm.., I think that’s enough. Now, about the price. Is there any possible discount for the room?
Receptionist: Sorry. I’m afraid there won’t be any discount this month. We commonly give discount on special occasions only, but we may give you discount on your meals if you order at least three kinds of dish.
Customer: I will consider it. Thank you for the information.
Receptionist: My pleasure. Should you need anything, please let us know in advance.
Customer: I’ll do. Good morning.
Receptionist: Good morning, Sir. We are looking forward to serving you.
(written by Hedwig)
1. What does the restaurant not provide in the meeting room?
4 points
Clear selection
2. Which meeting will the customer probably have?
4 points
Clear selection
3. How will the communication be among the participants in the meeting?
4 points
Clear selection
4. How will the meals be served?
4 points
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5. When will they have a break?
4 points
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6. Based on the text, which is likely the right time to get a discount for the booked room?
4 points
Clear selection
7. You may get discount on food on condition that ...
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