Street Art & Urban Creativity - SAUC 2017
The Conference this year was very nice. We would like to thank you all for coming and made the atmosphere so rich full of knowledge and great people. We know that we can improve this experience and we need your feedback to help us. It won't take more than 3 min.
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Please, give us your opinion about the venue: Faculdade de Belas Artes ULisboa.
Not good
Great, I like it.
Not good
Great, I like it.
Welcome Hall
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Great, I like it.
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Now share with us your rate referent the theme and researches presented in our panels.
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DAY 1> Panel 1: Material and immaterial
DAY 1> Panel 2: Conservation
DAY 1> Panel 3: Sanctioned and unsanctioned
DAY 1> Panel 4: Urban public space
DAY 2> Panel 1: Local approaches
DAY 2> Panel 2: Keeping the 'Piece: The Contested Heritages of Graffiti and Street Art
DAY 2> Panel 3: Producing spontaneity
DAY 2> Panel 4: Cultural Policies
DAY 2> Keynote - Pedro Alonzo
DAY 3> Panel 1: Urban Development
DAY 3> Panel 2: Revelations
DAY 3> Keynote - Benjamin Gaulon
DAY 3> Panel 3: Unlock Talks
DAY 3> Keynote: Magda Danysz
DAY 3> Panel 4: Research and action
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Help us to improve our coffee break
Keep the coffee break area in the welcome hall
Suggestions for a better break time in SAUC (food, coffee, tea...)
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What about the parallel activities?
Round tables by NUART
It wasn't important for me
I had fun
Great talks - great connections
Linha 1
The venue
Not enought
Very good
Chill area
Tables area
The exhibition Psychogeographic Lisbon
Guided walking tour to the interventions made by the time of the Conference
Could be better
I want it again
Walking Tour with Vero from Lisbon Street Art Tour
Samb'art paintsession
Did you have a good rest in Lisbon? Tell us about our partner host
Location Baixa Chiado
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Location Cais do Sodré
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Please feel free to send us any suggestion, comments and tips for the next year :D
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Thank you very much, it was great to had you here!
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