Project Super Bloom PAC - Candidate Questionnaire
Project Super Bloom PAC aims to support young Californians to organize their communities and build a powerful coalition to elect working-class, grassroots leaders to the state legislature. We strive to bridge the gap between elected officials and their constituents through transforming the role of everyday people in politics, empowering Californians to take ownership over who will represent them and what policies will be implemented in their communities.

What is Project Super Bloom bringing to the movement that’s needed?

- Engaging youth in campaigns to bring a fresh perspective to the politics and priorities of our generation. Youth are an emerging voting bloc in our state and we are ready to organize around campaigns that align with a working-class vision for California.

- Running young candidates and harnessing the power of younger organizers to take ownership of California’s state legislative elections has never been done before. Youth have a unique ability to bring innovative strategies to campaigns

- In the past, the movement to uplift and unite young people has failed to put effort into giving resources to rural and suburban communities. With creative ideas and the will to empower those who have been left out of politics for so long, organizing in these communities will repair the divide between politics and community.

- Building community power beyond a single election. We train and provide resources for  organizers from the communities in which our endorsed candidates are running to build teams of young people. These organizers mobilize their communities, build coalitions with local organizations, and plug into existing networks to ensure the people we engage with continue building power long after our candidates are elected.

Our Principles:

- We bridge communities by engaging in shared culture, not shared politics - redefining “political involvement” to mean involvement in the well-being of our neighbors.

- We reject any “one-size-fits-all” solution. To truly invest in community, young people will be empowered to mobilize their rural, red, and purple towns, not just join the nearest urban cohort. Each community requires a unique vision and strategy, and those who live in them know best how to organize them.

- The candidates we fight for don’t need law degrees or years of experience in politics. We invest in leaders who show up for our communities.

- Our people aren’t just a means to an end - they are the solution. Every person should be seen and valued as a piece of the policy solutions we are crafting.

- We seek candidates who embody integrity, by continually standing up for their communities and keeping their promises.

- It’s not enough for our candidates to just vote the right way when they’re in office. We need legislators who will organize alongside us and our movement to build pressure in Sacramento and in the streets around the state to enact the bold, progressive policies that every Californian deserves.

Our Process:
1. Fill out the candidate questionnaire. This helps us learn about you, your background, and your policy priorities.
2. Project Super Bloom PAC staff members and Youth Board members will conduct an interview with you to get to know you a little better and hear more about your campaign, political beliefs, and background.
3. The Youth Board will consider and vote on our endorsement.
4. If we endorse, we will begin mobilizing youth organizers in your district to create a grassroots, community-based coalition of support for you and the progressive legislation you’ll fight for.
5. After you win, we’ll continue organizing alongside you to advance the platform we elected you to enact.
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Which, if any, of the following bills do you support, as proposed during this past legislative session? *
For any bills from the above question that you do not support, please provide your reasoning for each. If you would like to provide specific comment about any you do support (including those not on this list), feel free to write that here as well:
Do you support lowering the voting age to 16 for California state elections? If not, please explain why. *
Which, if any, of the following 2020 ballot measures did you support? *
For any propositions from the above question that you would like to explain your position (and those which you opposed), please provide your reasoning here. If you publicly supported/opposed or organized in support/opposition to any of these propositions, please list that here as well.
Do you pledge to reject money from the following: *
Note: Real estate interests include the following: real estate companies giving direct corporate contributions, real estate developers, executives, and big landlords giving as individuals, corporate PACs funded by the real estate industry to promote their interests, and LLCs used by landlords to give to politicians anonymously
For any interest areas from the above question that you accept money from or plan to accept money from, please provide your reasoning for each:
Have you or will you take the official No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge and No Cop Money CA Pledge? & *
How much has your campaign raised so far, and if you have a goal for the whole cycle, what is it? *
If elected, would you consider endorsing primary challengers to incumbents in the state legislature? *
If yes, how would you decide who to support? How big of a threat do you think the current corporate Democrats in the state legislature are to progressive legislation? What would you be willing to do to get primary challengers to those who are blocking progress elected? *
Would you consider supporting other Project Super Bloom PAC candidates & doing joint events/fundraisers with a slate of candidates? Details to come on who will be endorsed.
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Did you publicly support any candidates for office in 2018 or 2020? *
How do you plan to tackle racial injustice in California as a state legislator? (750 words max) *
How do you plan to tackle climate injustice in California as a state legislator? What does this look like for your district, and also for the state? (750 words max) *
How do you plan to tackle economic inequality in California as a state legislator? (750 words max) *
How do you plan to tackle the housing crisis (including homelessness) in California as a state legislator? (750 words max) *
How do you plan to tackle policing in California as a state legislator? (750 words max) *
What would your top legislative priorities be for your district? Are there any bills you already know you would plan to introduce? (750 words max) *
How have you engaged young people in your campaign so far (or how will you)? What are your plans to organize young voters for this election? (750 words max) *
How will you commit to engaging young people in your work as a legislator? Examples: substantive youth advisory board, forums specifically for youth constituent feedback, visiting local educational institutions and speaking, etc. (750 words max) *
Tell us about your experiences advocating and organizing for the interests of your community in the past. What are your community involvements? (750 words max) *
What other organizations are you seeking endorsements from? *
What colleges, community colleges, and high schools exist in your district? *
What steps will you take to organize alongside Project Super Bloom and other similarly-aligned organizations while in office? (ex. regular meetings, direct actions, legislative strategy, endorsing candidates, PSB events, etc) *
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