Lasagna Competition Info. + Entry Form
Event Timing: Saturday, 2 December 1-5pm. CHEFS ARRIVE with lasagna between NOON-12:30 to set up!
Event Address: Drift High Line Studio | 508 west 26th street, #4A nyc 10011
Questions? Contact us at:

What We Offer

• TWO HALF-TRAYS provided by us for you to make your bubbly casserole.
Each tray approx. 12 ½” L x 10 ½” W x 2 ½” D

• IT’S LIKE THE LASAGNA OLYMPICS. WITH BOOZE. Free lasagna, beer, & wine, plus Doc Z’s special barrel-aged cocktail on event day. You and (1) lucky sous chef will feast like Garfield the Cat!

• ENDLESS GRATITUDE for all who participate. And glory for the winner. Plus we'll give you (and your company) exposure at the event.

What To Prepare

• PLEASE SIR I WANT SOME MORE: We ask that you prepare enough of your delicious lasagna to satisfy a throng of roughly 80-90 people sampling your goods – a sample being roughly 2-3 oz./person. Good lasagna goes fast, so if you want to compete, you’ve got to slice your lasagna like a samurai to make it last. We can provide a third half-tray if you want to make more.

• NO SALMONELLA LASAGNA: Your lasagna should be fully prepared and cooked before arriving. We’ll provide a large tray in which you place your half-trays, plus sterno cans and stand. There will be water in the large tray to even out the heat.

• NOODLES & SECRET RECIPES ARE YOURS: What we ask for is lots of lasagna. How you prepare it is your choice! What's your favorite? to bechamel or not to bechamel? meat or vegetable? white or red lasagna? crispy edges or none? What are you cheese choices? thin or thick layers? seafood or chicken? (Oh my god, my mouth is watering!) Do you prefer ridged noodles, flat noodles, fresh sheets, spinach, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin, or chocolate noodles?

The choice is yours -- it's the lasagna olympics here in NYC! And we want YOU to put your noodle to work to benefit ConstanceCooks.

Are you in? Do you want the glory? Click next below to enter!
We will contact you to confirm your entry as a contestant.

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