Professional/Business Organizational Assessment
Professional/Business Organizational Assessment

Please select the statement that most closely fits your response to the scenario or to similar scenarios you might experience in your life.  Go with your gut response and do not over-analyze. If a statement does not apply to you, please select "Very  True". Once you click on the Submit button at the end, your response will be tallied and your score will be emailed to you.
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I am clear on what's most important to me, both personally and professionally. *
I have a good system in place for planning, prioritizing, and achieving my goals. *
I manage paperwork well (incoming mail....) *
I have space in my filing system for easy filing and retrieval. *
I can find needed information in my office within 5 minutes. *
Others can find needed information in my office within 5 minutes. *
I complete tasks and projects on time and I effectively juggle multiple priorities. *
I delegate tasks whenever possible and I am able to "let go" once I have delegate a task. *
When I am working on a task, I can focus on that task without getting distracted by other people. *
I have an effective system for managing my email, voice mail, cell phone.... *
I manage my telephone time well (incoming and outgoing calls). *
Once I learn that things are not working for me, I change the way I do things. *
My desk and work area reflect the quality of work that I do. *
I keep up with my reading materials. *
I have a system for naming electronic files. *
I have a systematic system for purging unnecessary and outdated information. *
My portable office (briefcase, car, laptop...) provides adequate support when I am away from the office. *
I have an effective communication style and am a good team player. *
I have an effective system in place for managing/superivising workflow. *
I am physically and emotionally able to leave my work at the office. *
I have an effective way of reducing stress. *
I am able to delegate tasks to other team members without feeling like I am letting the team down. *
Overall, I live a balanced life. My physical, mental, spiritual and social needs are met. *
Are you interested in a free phone consultation if you qualify? *
What work related issues keep you awake at night? What would make you feel better about this?
If you could save one hour a day (x240 work days/year) by getting more organized and managing your time better, what would that be worth to you and/or your employer? What would that enable you to do that you are not doing?
What is one area of your life - that if you focused on over the next 3 months - would make a huge positive difference in the quality of your life? Describe some measurable outcomes you desire. Then imagine that you have already accomplished these outcomes and describe what this would do for you. Using the format below, identify your focus area.
Focus # 1: Be more organized

Measurable Outcomes:

I can find anything I need in 15 seconds or less.
I have a filing system for my papers.
I have a system in place to remind me of important follow-up.
I am on time or early for appointments.
I get tasks accomplished by the deadline.
I set realistic goals for new projects.
I exercise for at least one hour three times a week.
I do weekly planning for my personal and professional life.

Motivation - what will this do for me:

I am more focused on my priorities.
I am healthier.
I keep my word to others.
I've raised my self-esteem.
I feel less stressed.
I'll be ahead of things instead of behind the 8-ball.
Others rely on me when I give my word.

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