Tappan Library Survey 2018
We hope this survey will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Your feedback will help us provide you with even better service in the future.
What is your Zip Code? *
What is your age? *
Do you have a Tappan library card? *
Do you feel our current hours meet your needs? *
If no, how would you like to see us expand or reduce our hours?
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How often do you visit us in an average month? *
If you answered RARELY, why?
When you visit us, generally, do you find what you are looking for on the shelf? *
Which services did you know we offer?(check all that apply) *
When you are visiting the library do you primarily? *
How often do you use the Tappan Library website? *
If NEVER, why?
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Why do you visit the website?(check all that apply) *
How do you primarily learn about programs/events/services we offer? *
How often do you attend library sponsored programs? *
Do you have children under 18? *
If yes, have they attended a program in the last year?
If no, why?
If you have children, would like to see more CHILDREN'S programs offered during:
I would like to see more TEEN programs offered during:
I would like to see more ADULT programs offered during: *
Are there any program topics you would like to see us offer that we do not currently offer?
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When you need staff assistance are they easy to locate? *
When you need staff assistance do you find them helpful? *
When asking for assistance from staff is it generally to... *
When you leave the Library do you feel the staff has provided you with excellent customer service? *
Overall, how satisfied are you with the Tappan Library *
Besides parking, what would you like to see the Library provide in the future? (check all that apply) *
If other, please specify
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What is today's date? *
Besides parking, we would love to hear your suggestions for making the library an even better place for the community? Please use the this space for your suggestions or recommendations.
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