International WRAP® Center of Excellence Certification Application
The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery recognizes and certifies WRAP Centers of Excellence to highlight and promote high quality transformational experiences through Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitation. These Centers of Excellence are wellness-oriented environments that have demonstrated programs based on WRAP Facilitation and its core values and ethics.

A WRAP Center of Excellence is an organization or program of an organization that:
* offers Wellness Recovery Action Plan workshops and educational experiences following the evidence-based practice of WRAP Facilitation
* has an environment where the core set of values and ethics are consistently upheld
* has a team of highly experienced WRAP Facilitators with current skills and knowledge
* has accessible, sustainable and innovative approaches for all people to learn about WRAP

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Application for Center of Excellence
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Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators and Training
Please detail some information about Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators that work for the organization.
How many Advanced Level Facilitators does the organization have on staff? *
Have Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators maintained the Refresher requirements? Best practice is to attend one at least once every 2 years. *
Please list each Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator's name, year trained, last Refresher course
How many WRAP Facilitator Trainings does the organization conduct a year? *
How many WRAP Facilitators are trained each year? *
How many Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators are used to conduct each WRAP Facilitator Trainings? *
Does the organization keep records on all WRAP Facilitators who complete the training? *
Does the organization keep in touch with WRAP Facilitators after their training? *
If yes, please add in how in the "other" checkbox.
How does the organization support WRAP Facilitators after the training as they head out to conduct WRAP Groups? *
How many WRAP Facilitators does the organization support? *
These can be people who work for the organization, work for another organization, are volunteers,or are out in the community providing WRAP groups and presentations.
How often does the organization offer Refresher courses for WRAP Facilitators? *
Do all active WRAP Facilitators attend a Refresher at least once a year? *
Does the organization provide networking opportunities for WRAP Facilitators in the area? *
If yes, please detail how in the other checkbox.
WRAP Programming Offered
How many WRAP groups does the organization offer a month? *
Who conducts these WRAP groups? *
Check all that apply
How many WRAP Facilitators are used to conduct each group? *
Who are the WRAP groups open to? *
Please specify if WRAP groups are open to the public, for a specific population, and if they have a specific theme (exp. WRAP for Kids, WRAP for Smoking Cessation, etc.).
How many WRAP presentations does the organization conduct a month? *
Are these WRAP presentations open to the public? *
How does the organization outreach to the community about WRAP? *
Examples: flyers, partner organizations, facebook, events
How does the organization evaluate WRAP groups and presentations? *
How does the organization evaluate WRAP Facilitator Trainings? *
Does the organization do research on the effectiveness of WRAP and/or implementation of WRAP? *
This can include partnering with another organization (university, county, non-profit, etc) or researcher to study WRAP
If yes, please give a brief description.
Organizational Impact of WRAP
Has the organization completed a Organizational WRAP for team members? *
How do you embody the 5 key recovery concepts (hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support) within the organization? *
Please list 4 examples of how the organization utilizes the Values and Ethics of WRAP? *
Choose 4 different Values and Ethics and comment on their application within the organization's work.
What are 4 goals of organization in regards to WRAP? *
Please list 4 things that the organization is working toward with its WRAP program. Examples: training more facilitators, exposing everyone in county government to WRAP, etc.
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