International Hydrometry Workshop Registration
Please complete this form in order to register for the International Hydrometry Workshop proposed for October 19, 2017 most likely at a USGS office in San Diego. Note that October 19 is the day after the end of TMTW! Please also indicate whether or not you would be willing to do a lightning talk (5 min duration) on your work in hydrometry and the proposed title for that lightning talk.

Our agencies want to include as many interested parties as possible, but we have some space limitations. Although we believe that we can accommodate the estimated number of attendees, it may be necessary to restrict attendance. After registration has been open for sufficient time, we will inform those who have registered if we are able to accommodate them. If persons have volunteered for a lightning talk, we will provide information on this as well.

The main themes of this Workshop will be post processing TRDI/Sontek ADCP-data using QRev and measuring discharge using image processing (STIV, LSPIV). In addition there will be one hour of 5-minute lightning presentations from the participants on various themes, followed by a discussion on how to increase international knowledge exchange and how agencies can work together to improve the development and use of monitoring technologies. A proposed agenda for the workshop is available at: The workshop will be free of charge, but it might be necessary to collect funds for refreshments.

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We hope to respond to your request to attend the Workshop by September 15, 2017.
On behalf of the agencies sponsoring the workshop, thank you for your interest. Sponsored by the Environment Agency of England, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Queensland Government-Dept. of Natural Resources and Mines, and the United States Geological Survey.
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