Cortechs Robotics Team Application
Welcome to FRC 5511, Cortechs Robotics! In order to be considered for our team, please fill out the application in its entirety. Check out our website for more information about the team, our robots, and our outreach (
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Robotics is a time intensive commitment especially from January to April. Please indicate all outside school activities.
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Indicate time commitment (average hours per week) for each extracurricular activity. Specify if year-round.
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Select all that apply. Note: This will not constrain you to any particular field on the team, this question is only to gauge interest.
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There are many robotics teams that are located in the Triangle. Tell us why you want to join our robotics team specifically. Minimum character count of 500.
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Tell us about your experiences (technical and non-technical) so far. Let us know what you are looking to learn from the team.
Have you ever been a part of a FIRST team?
If Yes, please indicate team name and number of years.
Anything else?
Tell us something about yourself! This is the time to brag. If you can fly airplanes, or are an international eating champion, let us know! Tell us about your hobbies or interests.
How did you hear about Cortechs Robotics?
Please use this opportunity to ask any questions about the team.
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