Voice App Design Critique
I’m offering a free review and design critique for your voice app. I’ll use your app experience in a number of different ways and take notes about the experience. I’ll provide a summary to you via email after I’ve completed my review. I may contact you if I need to know more details. None of this information is shared, just the resulting review details based on your preferences.
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This should be a URL to your app on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana directory. If you have deployed it on multiple services you can link them all.
Results sharing *
Allowing the name of your app to be shared can be a way to get more attention and links to your app or service. At no time will any improvement suggestions be written in a way to shame your app but always framed as an opportunity.
What capabilities does your app support?
Share any additional notes you wish me to know
I’ll use the public directory information linked above to determine things like invocations and what it should do. You can provide additional details about requirements or questions you might have.
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