Parent Survey & Information Form 2018-2019
I would greatly appreciate your help in gathering some basic information for my records.
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Are there any other email addresses you would like weekly communication sent to? *
I only send home one email a week. Some families like information to go to both parents.
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Student's First and Last Name *
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Mother's First and Last Name *
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Best Phone Number to Reach Mother *
I prefer to send emails, but sometimes your child may do something so awesome, I have to call!
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Father's First and Last Name *
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Best Phone Number to Reach Father *
Don't miss out on hearing about how well your child is doing!
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Do you wish to help with classroom activities and events?
Please select which activities you may be willing to help with this year.
Does your child have any allergies or medical needs that we need to know about?
Please also make sure that the nurse has any medications and paperwork she needs!
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Does your child have access to technology at home to use for practice and classroom work?
Your child's classes are part of the Next Generation Digital Program. We have 1:1 Chromebooks in the classroom. We utilize the Google Suite and apps daily. Students often want to work on extension activities at home, but I will never require technology required assignments to be completed at home.
How will your child be going home after school? *
Please understand that we require written notice of any transportation changes. This is for your student's safety.
If your child will be going to an after-school daycare, which one will they be attending?
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Is there anything that you want to tell me so that I can help get to know your child?
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Do you have any questions for me?
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