2023 EU Tech Policy Fellowship Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to the 2023 EU Tech Policy Fellowship.

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This program is aimed at kick-starting EU citizens' careers in Brussels and therefore only participants with an EU passport are eligible for the program.
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Program Tracks & Career Direction
All fellows will participate:
- In a week of training in Brussels (starting June 26 (tbc))
- In a part-time remote study group on technology policy fundamentals (July and August) 
- A week-long policy training in Brussels (starting Sunday evening September 3 (tbc)). 

Fellows will then split into two tracks:

Track 1: Fellows will be matched with a host organisation for a 4-6 month fully-funded placement starting September 2023.

Track 2: Fellows will receive a 1-2 month stipend to explore and apply for policy roles focused on emerging technology. Fellows will receive application support and guidance to pursue a career in the European Commission, party politics or related policy jobs in Europe.
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Track 1 (4-6 month placement)
Track 2 (Job search support)
Please confirm you are available for the following parts of the program.

- 1st training week in Brussels (starting June 26 (tbc))
- A weekly reading group with guest lectures on Thursday evenings (July & August)
- 2nd training week in Brussels (starting September 3 (tbc))
Please note all 3 elements are mandatory 
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Engagement with Tech, Policy and EA
(Optional) Please list any relevant organisations or policy-related networks that you are involved in at the moment. (We are interested in how active you are and what you are interested in.)
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If you have worked on EA projects or in EA roles, or policy or tech related roles, please share 1-3 brief details here. (Note, this is not a requirement.)
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