Suggestions for iGEM team resource integration
For iGEM 2020, the Measurement Committee would like to integrate some of the resources developed by past teams and others. We're interested in anything we could onboard to improve the experience of iGEM teams and help them during the competition. Hundreds of great things have been made by teams for the community, so we'd love to hear your suggestions for the best ones we should be looking at!
Please describe the resource(s) *
These could include physical items (e.g. a new kind of fluorescent dye) or tutorials (e.g. YT videos) or software (e.g. online tools to search the registry). Please feel free to nominate your own work. We'd also love to hear how you think the resource would help teams.
Please provide website links for the resource(s) you recommended:
Any other suggestions for the Measurement Committee?
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If you're happy for us to contact you to learn more about your suggestions and how we can integrate them, please give us your contact information below.
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