2018 NAS Annual Spring Meeting Survey
NAS would greatly appreciate your comments about this year's Annual Spring Meeting. Please share any thoughts or opinions about what you enjoyed, what you'd suggest, and what NAS could do better. Thank you!
Please rate the importance of the different sessions to your experience at the Annual Spring Meeting:
Not Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Not Applicable to Me
Aeronautics & Space
Applied Science & Technology
Biological & Medical Sciences
General Chemistry
General Physics
Earth Sciences
Environmental Sciences
History & Philosophy of Sciences
Teaching of Science & Mathematics
Collegiate Academy: Biology
Collegiate Academy: Chemistry Physics
Please rate the following topics based on your experience at the Annual Spring Meeting:
Below Average
Above Average
Not Applicable
Facility (rooms, parking, layout, food service, internet, etc.)
3D Printing Workshop
Maiben Lecture on GMO's
Round-Table Strategy Discussion
PEP Business Meeting
Please provide any additional comments about the topics you rated above:
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Help NAS improve future annual meetings by providing suggestions regarding workshop topics, Maiben Lecture topics, the PEP business meeting, or the overall event:
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Would you attend a Thursday night social event?
Please provide suggestions for a Thursday night social event:
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Please provide any additional information you would like to share with NAS, the facility, and ways to improve the Annual Spring Meeting:
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