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Thank you for your interest in my LIVE MASTERCLASS! So you want to make perfumes BUT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START? Ever wondered IF YOU HAD WHAT IT TAKES TO CREATE YOUR OWN SCENT?
In 2019, I started my Self-Study Fragrance101 Online Course but found that alot of students would still rather learn in LIVE CLASSES - So now - IT'S BACK!
Hi! I'm Bernadette and I'm a Professional Perfumer and a Certified Fragrance Specialist.
Working in the fragrance industry since 2007, I love sharing what I know about fragrances!
Despite my affiliation to the businesses that I have, I am passionate about helping and teaching YOU about the basics of perfumery - so expect my workshop to be transparent and truthful! (My previous students can attest to this!)

Compared to other classes done by other companies / training providers, my experience in the fragrance industry and actually being a professional perfumer gives a different and technical perspective in the craft. I go beyond teaching how to dilute fragrance oils to make perfumes and colognes and will teach you the basics of perfumery and how to create your OWN UNIQUE blends. All of my classes are in-depth but with simplified professional perfumer techniques as well as hands on practical experience that beginners and individuals with no background in perfumery will be able to understand.

Maximum of only 8 participants for the LIVE MASTERCLASS as I want to ensure everyone gets individual help and attention during the duration of the course.
This LIVE Masterclass is for YOU if...
- Want to learn from a Professional Perfumer and Certified Fragrance Specialist
- Are interested in creating your own fragrances for yourself, your family or friends.
- Want to start your own perfume line
- Are interested in perfumery as a hobby
- Are a product formulator and want to create unique blends for your products using fragrances and essential oils.
- Just plain curious about Perfumery!

Beginners and those without any prior fragrance experience are very much welcome!
How different is this from the other classes?
The Self-Study Fragrance101 Online Course is done, well, online! All lectures are uploaded online and have been pre-recorded and students of this course are only entitled have a 60-min ONLINE Consultation with me. No actual face-to-face interaction.

How to Start Your Perfume Business, on the other hand, is a joint workshop with Business Coach and Youtube Vlogger, Joyce Yeo. This focuses mainly on the business aspect of Perfumery should you want to start your own fragrance brand.
- Learning how to smell properly and train your nose like a professional
- Learn the Basic Terminologies in Perfumery
- Exploring materials - Synthetics and Naturals
- Discover the different fragrance classifications and the Fragrance Wheel
- Learn the Different Fragrance Formulations
- Learn the basics of how to start your own perfume brand

- Basic Fragrance Knowledge
- Olfactory Groups
- Making Your Own Fragrance

Choose from these DATES: FEBRUARY 22 or MARCH 21
TIME: 10:30AM to 4:30PM

Fee is inclusive of lunch, handouts, materials to be used in the workshop, a take home kit and your blended fragrances.
FULL PAYMENT is required to reserve a slot. Maximum of 8 participants.

Please fill up the form below if you are interested in joining our workshop.
No Registration Form and Full Payment, No Reserved slot.

Thank you!
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