Evaluation of the project website:


Easy navigation through the website.
The website contains valuable and useful information about the project.


Classify your opinion as follows: 1- Disagree; 2- Neutral; 3- Agree

The URL is short, simple and intuitive.
The webpage downloads quickly.
Pages are easily readable, clear and easy to understand.
The font size is large enough and the colours are appropriate.
The information on the home page is enough to realise what is the project about.
The site provides access to contact details from the homepage.
The navigation system is intuitive and easy to use, providing direct access to various content and facilities on the site.
There is a site map to easily understand the navigation and find fast the right information.
There is a return to Home Page from any page.
There are internal links, allowing navigation through the site following the natural progression of the content.
Navigation links are visible and consistent throughout the complete website.
All the content presented on the website is of the highest quality.
It is clear who is responsible for the site.
There are clear headings to illustrate an outline of the content.
It is clear when the site was created and last updated.
The sources of information and factual data are clearly listed, and available for cross checking.
The website presents the content through the use of text and graphics.
All the content published is recent and up-to-date.
The website provides useful and relevant external links.
How frequently do you enter the PEOPLE website?
What do you think should be included in the website in order to improve its effectiveness?
What are your recommendations?
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