Trappers Trail 2018 - 10th Edition
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During the weekend 7-8th of April, Trappers Trail (TT) will take place. TT is the world's northernmost sled dog race, and this year marks the 10th time the race will take place. Since it's our 10th anniversary, we are looking for a dedicated group of volunteers to make this an unforgettable event.

Volunteers are needed at the start and finish lines, en route for taking pictures and photography, timing the climbing leg, preparation of the camping site/Bikkjebu (the cabin where the participants spend the night) at Kapp Laila, and much more. Those accepted as volunteers must come to a meeting on Thursday 5th of April for further information and the volunteerschedule. Besides applying below, more information can be found at

All volunteers must bring warm clothing during the event. For the people spending the night at Bikkjebu it is important to also bring gear for sleeping outside (tent, sleeping bags, food etc.). While we might have some spare seats on one of the many scooters going to Kapp Laila, most people helping out in the trails and at Bikkebu are expected to organize their own transport. It is therefore important to tell us whether you have a snowscooter, and also notify us if this is no longer the case.
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Please only apply if you happen to have access to a scooter!
!Changed Route! (2018.03.28)

We're going to Semmelbu!

!Changed Route! (2018.03.26)

As of now, the race will start and end in Longyearbyen on both days. On Saturday, racers will leave the dogyard, head over to Todalen, Bødalen, Fardalen, and then sprint down Longyearbreen to end at Huset. A different loop is run on Sunday, with participants aiming for Helvetiabreen, Tellbreen, and Blekumbreen instead, before coming back to the Dogyard.
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