Nonprofit/School/Church Partner Application
Please complete this form if you would like to become a Purposity partner. This form should be completed by the individual who will serve as our main point of contact. If you have questions about launching with Purposity or completing this form, please write to our team at 

If you are looking to apply as an "Organizer", please complete our Organizer Agreement.
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Information About Your Organization and Your Role
Please complete each question of the following section to help us determine if your organization is a good fit and eligible to submit individual needs with Purposity.
Your last name *
Your first name *
The name of your organization (Note: Eligible partner organizations include school systems, nonprofits, and government agencies.) *
Your role *
Your official email address  (Please use your email associated with your organization.) *
Your organization's website address *
For nonprofit organizations, please provide your EIN registered with the IRS.
City of your organization *
State of your organization *
How many individuals (e.g. children, students, parents, clients, community members) does your organization serve on a monthly basis?
How many direct service professionals (e.g., case managers, homeless liaisons, social workers, program managers) are on your staff?
Please describe the type of relationship your direct service professionals have with the individuals you serve. How frequently do they interact? What is the nature of interaction or support?
What types of individual items do you anticipate submitting through Purposity? Please provide a few examples.
How many locations/sites or schools do you have where you provide services?
How many stakeholders (e.g., community members, donors, volunteers) do you reach through your communications and social media (e.g., email distribution lists, Facebook, Instagram) channels?  (An estimate is okay.)
Plans for Using Purposity
Please complete the following section to help us understand how you would like to use Purposity. If you do not know an answer, feel free to share your initial thoughts or leave it blank.  We will work with you to confirm your plans.
How many needs (i.e. individual items) do you anticipate your organization will post per month?
How many individuals would you like to be able to submit needs on the Purposity platform when you launch? We call these individuals, “Organizers.” These are typically individuals who work directly with individuals in need (e.g., social workers, counselors, case workers). We recommend one or more per site and a minimum of two. You may grow the number of Organizers over time.
How many Followers (or “Donors”) do you expect to recruit for your launch? We think of Followers as individuals following your organization on the app, like Facebook or Instagram. We suggest 100 Followers per Organizer and a minimum of 200 in total per organization. We will validate this target with you.
What date would you anticipate going live on Purposity? This will become your launch date. We suggest allowing 3-4 weeks to set up your organization profile, recruit followers, onboard and train Organizers, and upload initial needs onto the platform.
Partner Assurances
Please indicate your agreement to the following assurances. Please read each carefully and check the box if you agree. Violations may result in termination of our partnership.
1. We agree our organization will only post essential needs for students, clients, and those we serve. *
I Agree
The Purposity Community trusts our vetting process and comes to us for our reputation. Items from Purposity will only be shipped to your office address, unless agreed in writing otherwise. Requests can only be made for those you directly serve. They cannot be programmatic, for staff use, personal requests, etc. Please reach out to your Community Manager if you have questions about the type of needs we post.
2. We agree to work with Purposity to meet our Follower goal, grow our Followers over time and keep them engaged. *
I Agree
Purposity is an ecosystem. That means you'll want people out there to meet your needs. We will validate your Follower goal, a.k.a. your supporters or donors, based on a number of factors, and equip you to go get those Followers with an easy-to-use communications kit. Plus, we'll be there, helping you meet this goal. We will also work with you grow Followers by providing ongoing communications suggestions and resources.
3. We agree to update Purposity on any changes that may impact our partnership. *
I Agree
Let us know if you change roles or organizations. We’ll want to keep our information up-to-date and make sure you continue to work as an eligible staff member at an eligible organization.
By typing my name in this box, I affirm my agreement to the terms of use for Purposity. *
Date *
We look forward to working with you to confirm your launch plans and answer any questions. You can expect to hear back from us soon!  
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