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Welcome in the "New Thymio reseller" form
We thank you in advance for the time you will take to answer it.

This form will be used by Mobsya's sales manager to gather information about companies interested in becoming a Thymio reseller.

Feel free to answer in English or in French.

When this form is filled, please contact again Mobsya's sales manager ( to arrange the next steps.

Best regards.

Sara Montecchiari Business Development Manager


Nous vous remercions par avance pour le temps que vous prendrez pour répondre à ce questionnaire.

Ce questionnaire sera utilisé par le responsable des ventes de Mobsya pour rassembler des informations sur votre entreprise.

Merci de répondre en français ou en anglais.

Lorsque ce questionnaire sera rempli, merci de contacter le responsable des ventes de Mobsya ( pour prévoir les prochaines étapes.

Meilleures salutations

Sara Montecchiari Business Development Manager
What is the name of your company *
What is the history of your company in a couple of paragraphs? *
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What are the technical skills of your company regarding pre-sale? *
What are the technical skills of your company regarding after-sale support? *
What kind of market segment(s) are you aiming at? (you can choose more than one) *
In which country(ies) are you selling? *
Do you sell online or in a shop or both? *
Do you have experience in logistics? *
For how long are you on the educational robot market? *
What products related to educational robot market do you already sell? *
How did you discover Thymio? *
What kind of Thymio products would you like to sell? *
Do you provide additional services beside hardware? If yes, what kind of services? (training, extra-support...)? *
How many Thymio products do you expect to sell in one year? (please give us at least an order of magnitude, in number of robots. This is not binding at all, just informative) *
How do you plan to grow in the next years? *
How many schools do you have in your database? *
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