Teaching Track Faculty
As a Teaching Track faculty member at Columbia College Chicago, I appreciate the contribution my colleagues, who are adjunct faculty make to the school's distinctive character. The hands-on professional experience adjuncts bring to this college is an important benefit of a Columbia education. As working professional and educators, they deserve a contract that recognizes the valuable resource they represent to students' Columbia experience and the reputation of our institution.

I support the CFAC, Columbia Faculty Union (P-fac) bargaining committee's fight to protect adjunct faculty's collective bargaining rights and seniority; and to secure fair compensation, as well as commitments to authentic diversity initiatives and to compensated professional development.

I urge the Columbia College administration to pursue good-faith negotiations with CFAC (P-fac); to honor its promise and value adjunct faculty; and to maintain quality curriculum and the value of a Columbia degree. If no fair contract is offered by October 1, 2018, I will support CFAC(P-Fac) efforts to secure a dignified work environment and quality education.

As a Teaching Track faculty member at Columbia College, I am ready to support the C-Fac (P-Fac) bargaining unit's effort to secure a fair contract by committing to the following: *
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