Wicked Reads Review Team Application
So you want to read and review for the Wicked Reads Review Team, do you?

But seriously, from time to time we do have openings on the review team. If you are interested, please fill out this form COMPLETELY - incomplete applications will be deleted from the database. This form is supposed to be editable so that if your information changes, you SHOULD be able to access it and update it.

Please note that we will check a sample of your reviews, so your Goodreads Profile MUST be set to Public - which is also required to be on the review team. We are not looking for expert review writers or book critics. We are looking for reviewers who can share their honest opinion about a book without engaging in bullying and personal attacks on the author. Perfectly written reviews are not required, but you should know where your shift, period, and comma keys are and how to use them.

You must also have a Facebook account as the Wicked Reads Review Team Group Page is on Facebook and all reviewer activities are administered there.

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