Application - 30 minute connection call
If you are interested in working with Caroline, please complete the following questions in as much relevant detail as possible. If you are a good match, we will be in touch within the next 24 hours to set up an initial 30 minute connection call with Caroline.

Note: All responses are strictly confidential and your email address will not be shared.
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Why do you feel drawn to work with Caroline? *
What is the situation/challenge you would like Caroline's support with? *
How do you sense Caroline might be able to help you? *
Describe all the things you've tried in the past to resolve this situation and why you sense they haven't worked? *
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how ready are you to begin changing this dynamic for good? *
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It is likely in the course of your work with Caroline that in order for things to change for the better, you will need to have the courage to start doing things differently. For example, sometimes life will ask you to do things that will challenge your rational, linear mind. How do you feel about this? *
Is there anything standing in the way of you resolving this situation once and for all that you would like to share with Caroline? *
Is there anything else that you would like Caroline to know about you and how you arrived at this place of being ready to reach out and ask for support? *
How much on average do you spend per year on therapy/coaching/personal growth/self care? *
Where did you hear about Caroline? *
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