Operation Automation Assessment Form(OAAF)

Welcome to the Operation Automation Assessment Form provided by Predict Expert AI.

This questionnaire aims to gather information about your organization's current operational procedures, software tools, daily tasks, communication methods among other aspects.

Your thoughtful responses will enable us to understand your business better, identify areas for automation, and optimize your overall operational efficiency.

This process is part of our commitment to deliver tailor-made automation strategies that can reduce manual workload, increase productivity, eliminate the margin of error and ultimately, help your organization prosper.

Please rest assured that the information provided by you will strictly serve our evaluation and recommendation purposes and will be kept confidential as per our privacy policy.

We appreciate your time and input in helping us predict and deliver the best AI-based operational solutions for your business.

Let's get started!

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What is the primary nature of operations at your company?

Can you describe some of the routine tasks that occur regularly at your company?
Which software tools, platforms, or technologies does your company currently use for day-to-day operations?
Can you identify any repetitive tasks which consume a significant amount of time or resources?
Do you currently use any form of automation in your operations? If yes, please provide details about the tools and their use cases.
What aspects of your operations are you most interested in automating, and why?

How comfortable is your workforce in adopting new technologies or robotics process automation (RPA) tools?
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What are the major pain points in your current operational processes?
Are there tasks that require manual intervention even though they are handled by current operational software?
What communication platforms or apps does your company use?
Are there communication bottlenecks that often occur, and could they be addressed through automation?
What are your expectations regarding the results of automation?
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