Stay-at-Home Quiz No. 11
This quiz is for pupils attending primary school in the Republic of Ireland. There are 20 questions to be answered to be in with a chance to win a €20 Book Voucher. Answers must be in by 3pm sharp. Only one entry per pupil allowed. More than one entry will disqualify.
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Please make sure that you give a contact email address that you can be contacted on immediately after the competition as people have previously forfeited prizes by not answering their emails.
Question 1 *
Which Irish county is known as the "Premier County"?
Question 2 *
Mary takes 25 minutes to walk to school (when it is open!). At what time must she leave home to get to school at 9:10am?
Question 3 *
Name this 2D shape:
Question 4 *
In the fable, what character had a magic lamp?
Question 5 *
What is the name of the restaurant in which Spongebob Squarepants works?
Question 6 *
What fruit is traditionally eaten with cream at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships each year?
Question 7 *
Which Australian state is an island?
Question 8 *
Which wood is traditionally used to make cricket bats?
Question 9 *
In what African country would you find the Valley of the Kings?
Question 10 *
Solve the Ditloid: 12 M in a Y (clue: calendar)
Question 11 *
Which one of the 1916 leaders was not executed because he was born in America?
Question 12 *
Críochnaigh an seanfhocal: Bíonn an fhírinne ______.
Question 13 *
Reykjavik is the capital of which country?
Question 14 *
What sport takes place at Fairyhouse, the Curragh and Leopardstown?
Question 15 *
Name the singer of the current hit song "Blinding Lights".
Question 16 *
What is the official language of Qatar?
Question 17 *
What do the letters MEP stand for?
Question 18 *
Cén Gaeilge atá ar iad seo:
Question 19 *
Where in the human body would you find a lens, pupil and iris?
Question 20 *
What is the common name for the card game Klondike or Patience?
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